About Ayden.


Ayden brings a unique and collaborative energy to coaching- he believes in our ability to create honest and long-lasting change because he has experienced true transformation. Healing from addiction and trauma, he has spent more than a decade on a conscious journey of awakening defined by curiosity, exploration, and a deep nurturing of his own inner child. Ayden is devoted to helping others heal through various paths of self-discovery including meditation, yoga, tea ceremony, group or individual sessions, acting exercises, the IFS Therapeutic Model, and writing. He is a registered substance abuse counselor and coaches those struggling with addiction and trauma. Ayden works with at-risk youth in residential facilities and wilderness programs, and teaches meditation at the county jail and state prison.

Ayden has practiced meditation with a focus on healing for more than twelve years. He has studied with many wonderful teachers with us today, including Ram Dass (Be Here Now), with whom he lived as his personal caregiver. Ayden is a student of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, the most ancient healing system known to man, which he incorporates into his teachings as needed.

Ayden made a living as an actor in Los Angeles for ten years before moving to the Southeast to focus on service. He is currently in the editing phase of his first book with Alice Peck.   

He is available to work with individuals and groups via skype, in person, and in corporate settings. Ayden hosts weekly tea ceremonies around Asheville and Atlanta and is available to travel for private events.