Ayden Gramm is an actor, writer, and a registered substance abuse counselor. He has spent his life seeking truth. Healing from addiction and abuse, he has spent the last decade on a conscious journey of awakening. This led to a life of wonder, curiosity, exploration, and a deep nurturing of his own inner child. He travels the world studying with some of the most respected spiritual teachers of our time as he develops an array of powerful tools and strives to share this path with others. He is passionate about working with individuals and groups--people struggling with addiction and abuse. He's devoted to helping others heal through self-discovery via meditation and yoga.

You can find Ayden speaking to youth groups, in detention centers, and privately coaching teens and parents through loss, abuse, and addiction towards forgiveness, love and understanding. He teaches meditation to actors, at-risk youth, and families dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. He is currently developing a men's group in Asheville, North Carolina to awaken and cultivate the inner strength and vulnerability that all men carry within, and writing his first book Return to Starlight: Finding a Path of Connection.

He hopes you'll join him on his journey towards LOVE and true fulfillment.