tea ceremony


Tea ceremony is historically a place where the cobbler, the emperor, the celebrity, and the farmer all commune at the same table void of their armor, costume, pretenses- only their hearts remain. Beautiful conversation and connection follow. Tea brings us to a place of stillness and the recognition that once the armor is removed, we are all essentially the same.

We drink teas from old-growth trees, some as old as 1,500 years. The most common are 500-1,000 years and most of these leaves are aged. Drinking this type of tea in an intentional setting can drop us into a deep meditation with little to no effort. It helps us to stop the inner chatter and relieves stress. It can therefore be highly beneficial in coaching sessions, facilitating couples’ conscious connection, corporate settings, birthdays, new and full moons, and for people simply looking to get together and discuss great ideas.

It is said that Tea never gives up on us. We give up on her. She can be steeped multiple times - the leaves can be dried and steeped again, boiled, even used for cooking. She drops us in to a feeling of oneness so that we can meet at the heart space, the soul space, and connect as one. As Ayden’s teacher Ram Dass said after serving him tea in ceremony, “Everything looks different now. Everything has slowed down. Wow.”

Tea is medicinal. She goes where we need her, calming our minds so that we can hear truth. Every bowl of tea has a message for us… are we ready to listen?

Ayden hosts weekly tea ceremonies in Black Mountain, NC and Atlanta, GA, in addition to special events at yoga studios and in private homes. Tea ceremonies can be experienced by both small and large groups. Please contact Ayden if you’re interested in learning more about tea ceremonies or to inquire about private events.  

“The Quieter You Become The More You Can Hear.” Ram Dass